A prior training in simulator hands on workshops is required prior to operate upon patient

One of the highlights of SNVICON 2019 has been the training on flow model and simulator hands on workshop.

Dr. B. D Diyora, Consultant Neurosurgeonn and Interventionist, Jaslok Hospital and Research Center, conducted an interesting simulator hands-on workshop for aneurysm.

Adhering to the aim of being a platform for knowledge sharing, an amazing simulator hands on workshop for aneurysm was conducted by Dr. B. D. Diyora and other senior doctors like Dr. Paritosh Pandey, Dr. Priyank Khandelwal, Dr. Anand Alurkar and this workshop saw a large number of participants. Dr. Diyora explained about the procedure and the advantages as well.

"This endovascular workshop on aneurysm treatment aims to train the aspiring neuro-interventionist and the faculty on a simulator. Simulator is a device in which cerebral angiography is fitted and there is an aneurysm modle inside. The person can have a real time experience of going inside the vessel with the help of microwire through catheter and treat the brain vascular pathalogy," said Dr. Diyora.

He added, "In simulator there is an aneurysm model and with the help of microcathater and wire, we go inside the aneurysm. Aneurysm, is the abnormal dilatation of blood vessel like a balloon and when it ruptures, it creates the catastrophy and may kill the patient. Thus, one has to carefully identify this patient and treat. In this workshop, the fellows will learn how to put the coil inside and do the real time surgery in the clinical practices."

"These are the models on which residents and junior doctors can get hands on. The advantages of it are that the fellows will come to know how to use the endovasvular catheters, wires, microwires and balloons. This will be a real time experience. And on the basis of this experience one can do the procedure on the patients," concluded Dr. Diyora.

Dr. Gigy Kuruttukulam, Dr. Pradyumna Oak, Dr. Vishal Chafale and Dr. Keyur Panchal were present in the SNVICON 2019 conference to train the resident and fellows doctors on simulator hands on for acute stroke. Dr. Kuruttukulam added that, "trained the residents and fellows how to treat acute stroke patients with large clot in the vessels, he taught how to remove the clot from the vessels, using enduvascular treatment. He further added that "Acute stroke can be treated with medicines within three hours of symptoms on set. After three hours till 24 hours endovasular treatment is the only treatment.

The session was monitored by international faculties, Dr. Motoharu Hayakawa from Japan, Dr. Simone Peschillo from Italy, and national faculties Dr. Rakesh Singh and Dr. Shashank Joshi.