Bollywood's Dada and Baba at SNVICON 2019 to support stroke awareness programme

Bollywood actors Jackie Shroff and Sanjay Dutt extend their support to SNVICON's cause to raise awareness on stroke in India.

On the second day of the Fourth Annual Congress of Society of Neuro-Vascular Intervention, Bollywood actors Jackie Shroff (Dada) and Sanjay Dutt (Munna Bhai) graced the event. Shroff mooted the idea of having a separate corridor for the ambulance so that patients reach the hospital on time. Dutt, on the other hand, pledged to work for stroke awareness like his family has been doing for cancer.

While addressing the jam-packed auditorium of Grand Hyatt - where the three-day SNVICON is being held, Shroff said, "Mumbai has serious traffic concerns. Daily, when I move in the car, I hear and see sirens and ambulances stuck in traffic. What pain! Sometimes, I fear, what if I am in that ambulance?... Apna to gaya na.... I am ready to be part of the stroke awareness campaign," he said.

At SNVICON in Mumbai, on Saturday, Jackie Shroff floated the idea for a separate road corridor for movement of patients, which can also be used for other emergency services.

According to him, the government, doctors, and hospitals need to come together to address this problem.

Bollywood's Baba and Dada have joined hands with doctors to tackle the complex issue of stokes and spread the message of being fast.

It is all about - 'BE FAST - "balance, eyes, facial, arms, speech, time".

Both the stars - Sanjay Dutt and Jackie Shroff - said that the common man needs to be told that getting the patient to a hospital timely and safely, is vital when it comes to brain strokes.

Dutt highlighted that time is the key issue in the treatment of strokes. "It's all about time and reaching the hospital fast, which doctors say as 'Be Fast'. Let's create awareness about brian strokes among people," he said.

Later, Dutt felicitated the stroke survivors. Dr. Nitin Dange, Organizing Secretary, SNVICON 2019, thanked Jackie Shroff and Sanjay Dutt for their support to stroke awareness and launched four videos including one featuring stroke survivors that will be circulated widely on social media and other media platforms to increase awareness in society. "Stroke has become a leading cause of disability and mortality in India. We need to reach out to the common man and make them aware of symptoms related to stroke so that more patients get medical attention on time."