About SNVI

The Society of Neurovascular Interventions has been formed to fulfill a long felt need to bring on a single platform for all those passionate about Neurovascular Interventions and Stroke in India.

The society will be as representative as possible to reflect the aspirations of all specialties active in this field.


The society will strive to work as a collective for the following objectives:

  1. To popularize the field of Neurovascular Interventions among the lay public, General Practitioners, Physicians, Neurologists and Neurosurgeons.
  2. To give an opportunity to all those involved in Neurovascular Intervention in the country to discuss and debate its various aspects in a structured Academic calendar.
  3. To procure the services of international experts in the field of Neuro Intervention for continuous updating of knowledge and skill of the society members.
  4. To formulate, endorse and popularize a ‘Fellowship Program’ in Neurovascular Interventions’ with the long term aim of bridging the treatment gap in this specialty.
  5. To promote and facilitate scientific research in Neuro Intervention and publication of results thereof.
  6. To evolve guidelines and consensus especially applicable to the Indian scenario.
  7. To coordinate and liaise with other National and International Societies dealing with Stroke and Neurovascular Intervention.

The activities of the society will of course not be limited to the above objectives and will be responsive to the needs of the specialty which may evolve over a period of time.

With Dr. Anil Karapurkar, universally considered the pioneer of Neuro Intervention in India at its helm, the Executive Committee is confident of achieving these objectives, of course with the support of all the society members.