Time is brain

Every 60 seconds, 3 Indians suffer from Stroke. Still, more than 90% of Stroke patients fail to reach the hospital on time. Therefore, at SNVICON 2019, one of the highlights was 'Stroke Awareness'.

The three-day conference, which is being held in Grand Hyatt - Santacruz, discussed acute stroke management, and new techniques and technologies.

The lifetime risk of 'Stroke' after the age of 55 is growing by the day. The SNVI committee members, however, emphasized that stroke is treatable if the patients reach on time.

On the second day of SNVICON 2019, three stroke survivors were felicitated. Dr. Nitin Dange, the Organizing Secretary of SNVICON 2019, released three documentary videos to spread awareness on stroke in the community. Dr. Dange also released a 21-minute long documentary featuring the stroke survivors successfully treated by him.

Dr. Dange, underscored, "Stroke has become a leading cause of disability and mortality in India. These documentaries will be one of our tools to reach out to the common man and make them aware of the symptoms related to stroke so that more patients get medical attention on time."

The Stroke Survivors talk at SNVICON 2019...

  • 38-year-old stroke survivor Dhananjay Chavan said, "I suffered from a stroke in 2015, I felt dizzy before a month of getting a stroke, and went to a local doctor. Then, again after a month, I started feeling dizzy and fell unconscious in the washroom. My friend and family took me to the doctor. After a timely treatment, I am fine now. Hence, if someone suffers from it then they should be taken to the hospital at the right time. Furthermore, I would like to thank Dr. Nitin Dange for giving me a new lease of life."
  • 28-year-old stroke survivor Nisha Surana, who is a teacher by profession, said, "I suffered from a stroke at the age of 25 while dancing in my Sangeet ceremony. Suddenly I felt numb and experienced difficulty in speaking. I almost collapsed, and somehow managed to tell my family to take me to the doctor. After receiving the timely treatment, I am back on track now. I would like to say that be strong and take care. See to it that you opt for appropriate treatment at the right hospital, and from the right doctor. For me, Dr. Nitin Dange is God.
  • 52-year-old Devdatt K. Mohapatra said, "2 years ago, I suffered from a stroke, while I was in Udaipur, and I would smoke a lot at that time. The symptoms were stammering while speaking and difficulty while walking. After I returned to Mumbai, I came home and collapsed. I got the timely treatment in that golden hour, and I could recover. Now, I don't smoke at all, make it a point to walk for an hour every day, and avoid oily and fried foods. Earlier, I was 93 kgs, and now I weigh 75kgs. Thus, I thank Dr. Nitin Dange for saving my life.